Friday, 14 August 2015

Metal reflecting light in Interiors

I wanted to pay homage this week to Amanda Celeste, who earlier this year wrote a fantastic article about the role of texture and light in interiors, with reference to colour theory.

Her article is particularly poignant for me, working with both texture and light.

"Light-reflective textures such as silk, paints with a sheen, glazed, or glossy finish and as mentioned mirrors and metals bounce light around the room."

Interior from Amanda's article
Interior from Amanda's article
Installation of metal wall pieces by Rebecca Gouldson for Private Client, Park Ave, New York.

"Colours can look brighter, stronger and possibly even lighter when seen on reflective surfaces such as glass, mirror and metals. Our perception of a colour’s temperature can also alter under different lighting, at different times of day and when seen in relation to other colours"

Installation of abstract metal wall pieces by Rebecca Gouldson, Private Client, London; Silver plated gilding metal
 These examples show how metal can reflect light and brighten dull walls.  The metal surfaces transform throughout the day with the changing light, which has the added benefit of creating a different mood and atmoshpere with each change in light.

Installation of abstract metal wall pieces by Rebecca Gouldson, Private Client,Winchester; Silver plated gilding metal

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