Tuesday, 30 September 2014

'Manhole' covers installed!

An enjoyable day in Denbigh, North Wales installing my 7 individual 'manhole' covers.  Tony and Paul from Photocast joined me at site with all seven cast covers weighing down their car, and the rain just held off for the three hours it took to install.  Before long, local people were walking past and stopping to have a good look.   I was particularly touched when the first of the seven covers was christened by a little present from a pigeon nest above....

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Awarded large scale public art project at Barons Quay in Northwich

I'm delighted to announce that I've been selected by Chester and Cheshire West Council to create a public art piece for a 200 metre square space at the soon to be built, Barons Quay development in Northwich.

For the space, I'll be creating 50, up to a meter long etched metal cylinders, which will be suspended from the ceiling, and undulate across the wall in the profile of the local river Weaver.

The form of the piece is rooted in the site's industrial heritage, referencing rock salt mines which still exist, but have been recently filled, underneath the new development's site. The cylinders are evocative of 'core samples' pulled from the earth, revealing layers of rock which tell the geological story of a landscape.

I will be working with the local community to develop salt inspired artwork which will influence some of the imagery etched in to these metal cylinders, engaging them in the creative process of producing a public artwork.

The piece will be installed in 2017 after the development of Barons Quay is complete.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Test fitting of the first 'manhole' cover!

I'm really excited to see the first of my 'manhole' covers test - fitted at site on Broomhill lane, Denbigh.....

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Two days to 'Make and Think' at University of West of England in Bristol.

I was honoured to be invited to spend two days at the UWE campus this week, working with the 'Make and Think' research group, comprising teaching and technical staff from the Art department.

The theme of light was explored through playful making experimentation, structured by three workshops led by pairs of group members. The first saw us working with one particular sheet material that was assigned at random to each of us. The challenge; to push and play with the material and light.  I used tiny holes to break through my given material; greaseproof paper.  I performed this in some areas so much that the material lost its integrity and structure, and caused the surrounding paper to warp and curve in an unusual way, and in places, disintegrate to nothing.

In the second workshop, we explored the idea of containing and revealing light, using unusual materials.  This morning, in the third and last session, we used fire to create light, but also to burn, fuse, smoke and pierce the surface of a range of materials and substances.  The fuse wire proved particularly exciting....

Thanks to everyone at UWE for making the two days such an interesting creative experience.

Using lit fuse to make marks on paper.

Playing with paper and light

Fused sugar following the shape of a lit fuse embedded in a bowl of sugar.

'Manhole' covers cast in steel in Bury this week

The moment I've been waiting for; to see my 'Manhole' cover designs cast in steel.

From my computer based design, a company in Liverpool made deep etched 'patterns', which were used by the foundry in Bury to make an impression in casting sand, which is then used as a mould to pour molten steel into.

I'm very pleased with the results so far; four have been cast, three to go.

The 'manhole' covers will be installed on Broomhill lane in Denbigh town centre later this year.

On the left; here's a detail of the cast 'manhole' cover.

On the right; the 'pattern' used to make the impression in the sand.


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