Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Two days to 'Make and Think' at University of West of England in Bristol.

I was honoured to be invited to spend two days at the UWE campus this week, working with the 'Make and Think' research group, comprising teaching and technical staff from the Art department.

The theme of light was explored through playful making experimentation, structured by three workshops led by pairs of group members. The first saw us working with one particular sheet material that was assigned at random to each of us. The challenge; to push and play with the material and light.  I used tiny holes to break through my given material; greaseproof paper.  I performed this in some areas so much that the material lost its integrity and structure, and caused the surrounding paper to warp and curve in an unusual way, and in places, disintegrate to nothing.

In the second workshop, we explored the idea of containing and revealing light, using unusual materials.  This morning, in the third and last session, we used fire to create light, but also to burn, fuse, smoke and pierce the surface of a range of materials and substances.  The fuse wire proved particularly exciting....

Thanks to everyone at UWE for making the two days such an interesting creative experience.

Using lit fuse to make marks on paper.

Playing with paper and light

Fused sugar following the shape of a lit fuse embedded in a bowl of sugar.

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